Do birds masterbate?

I had a male budgie for 10 years and yes he use to hold on to the mirror he had and rub his behind on the bar.

I wouldnt remove the mirror. My budgie was alone, so I got him a mirror not to feel too lonely during the day. But one time he escaped from his cage. I lived on the 32 floor at the time (I live in HK!) and I was so sad…that I ran downstairs with his mirror and started calling his name. He could speak too, he could say: Pretty Luglio, Pretty boy. He could also imitate the fridge, and kisses. I got him quite young and males usually are better at imitating. Also, the L word is easy for them.

So, I went down and called him…and it took him quite a few fligths around my complex between the 40 storey buildings but I could hear him and he could hear the mirror as it had bells underneath it, and well…he landed on the 4th floor of a building near me, and I got him back! Thanks to the “lover” mirror! Took me 1 hour about.

If you have a male and a female, there may not be any “closeness” with the mirror. You should rather invest in a nest.

As for “where” is their thing. Birds do not actaully have a penis (except big birds, like ostriches, but then again it is not the same as for mammals). Sperm is stored in a special location near their anus and they mate by rubbing their cloacas (anuses) and the male ejects the sperm inside the female.

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