How can the medical assistant take steps to ensure the ecg reading is accurate?

How can the medical assistant take steps to ensure the ecg reading is accurate?


By ensuring all 12 ECG leads are attached to their correct positions on the chest and by learning to correctly interpret the time vs activity graphs being produced.

The ECG is the electrocardiogram used to determine the electrical activity of the heart.

The ECG is the is performed by placing different electrodes at different position on the chest. To make sure the ECG readings are accurate all the electrodes should be placed correctly on the chest.

The misplacement of the ECG electrodes are the main reason of the obtaining an incorrect ECG. Also, the interpretation should be done accurately according to the time versus electric activity graph.

Make sure that the machine is collaborated and paper speed is correct

Medical assistants are medically trained professionals who typically work in a doctor’s office providing help to the physician, nurses and patients. Assisting with medical treatments, obtaining vital signs and performing tests are part of what medical assistants do during their shift. They are taught how to use equipment such as a heart monitor, blood pressure cuff and angiocatheter. An EKG is a test that allows a patient’s heart rhythm to be seen and interpreted. A heart monitor or EKG machine is used to perform an EKG.

No artifact on report make sure patient is setting legs uncrossed relaxed not talking.

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