What eight letter word contains only one letter?

22 Answers

  • envelope

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  • I sometimes put 2-3 letters in one envelope!! Does this make everyone else here wrong???

  • follow up question; does everyone remember how to play airplane? you take the child by an arm and leg, and then twirl them around in a circle. the newest version is grab the baby by both feet, do the same, building up a tremendous velocity, and get as close as you can to objects. if you loose your balance, don’t panic, just let go and save yourself

  • envelope

    ive always heard it as: what begins with “e” ends with “e” and has one letter in it!

    good job changing it up!

  • envelope! easy 2 points for me

  • nope, not necessry , one envelope could take two letters also, so look for another riddle girl. hahahahahahaha

  • yeah envelope

  • Good job comfort eagle!!

  • envelope

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