What is mr. rochester most grateful for in the last chapter?

The correct answer is: “That God has taken his sight, but has returned Jane to him”. Here is the book’s quote:

“And there is enchantment in the very hour I am now spending with you. Who can tell what a dark, dreary, hopeless life I have dragged on for months past? Doing nothing, expecting nothing; merging night in day; feeling but the sensation of cold when I let the fire go out, of hunger when I forgot to eat: and then a ceaseless sorrow, and, at times, a very delirium of desire to behold my Jane again. Yes: for her restoration I longed, far more than for that of my lost sight. How can it be that Jane is with me, and says she loves me? Will she not depart as suddenly as she came? Tomorrow, I fear I shall find her no more.”

Ithink the answer should be 4 because this is the best one . i hope my answer you
Ineed . i need this answer. which number is main idea?

answer: a. the image doesn’t give relevant information .

explanation: they’re clearly talking about bees in the bullet points, the picture shows a man doing what ? holding paper, its ot relevant.

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